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My Story

Hey there! I am Chen Reznik-Moran, a couples counselor, happily living in Harish with my husband and two kids.

How did I get into couples counseling?

I learned firsthand the intensity of a relationship burnout, which led us to a severe crisis and almost to the end of our marriage, with a signed mediation agreement and joint custody of a toddler and a baby. After a few months, we decided to get back and rehabilitate the marriage, and since then we evolved and grew, building a strong relationship and a stable foundation that would also hold us during crises yet to come. When we felt stable and loving enough, we also decided to open up our marriage and live in a hierarchical polyamory, with our relationship at the forefront.

The sense of mission in light of everything I went through led me to study Couples Counseling in Gome Gevim college, and helped me rearrange my priorities, with our relationship somewhere at the top of the ladder. I also studied divorce mediation, and I'm currently studying sexual counseling. 

In the past few years I also volunteered in "Paamonim" and helped families which needed guidance in their financial behavior. This has taught me a lot about dealing with relationship crisis and helped me discover my true mission.

And what is it like today?

Today I meet couples and individuals in Harish or on Zoom, give lectures on relationships and non-monogamy, and aspire to help others create nurturing and supportive relationships. The counseling process is done without a sense of judgement, realizing that no one taught us how to maintain a healthy relationship - welcome to the school of relationships!

Chen Reznik-Moran

Chen Reznik-Moran

How many of us know how to not lose ourselves within the relationship,
and on the other hand, also not lose the relationship due to 'self' glorifying?

My core belief

I am a missionary.

Yes, indeed.

I am a missionary of relationships.

I wholeheartedly believe that life is better when the relationship is healthy and healing.

Yes, I am polyamorous. Yes, I am proud of my lifestyle and love talking about it and being interviewed about it, because I think it's a legitimate way of life that needs to come out of the shadows and shed the cloak of shame to enter more into discourse and awareness. No, I don't think this lifestyle is suitable for everyone, I certainly don't recommend it to everyone, I have no interest in "converting" people to polyamory, I think everyone should live the way they choose to live.

In recent years, I've made a leap in my relationship, personal development, sharing my deep thoughts and experiences, and also in understanding that I can really help others, something I never believed I could do.

Today I am confident in my abilities, and I operate through several channels to develop and learn. I know what I bring to the world, I bring my professional, non-judgmental, and non-critical self, I bring Chen who thinks that most couples can succeed in relationships and be happy together, I also completely respect and understand those who are not in any relationship - by choice or not - because being in a relationship does not guarantee happiness.


A healthy relationship requires a lot of work, awareness, motivation, taking responsibility and the ability to internally reflect, and sometimes it simply doesn't work - I don't see divorce as a failure, it's another possibility in life. As mentioned before, I believe that every way of living is a choice, and if one chooses to be in a relationship - then it's better to have wellness, love, and connection.

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