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Chen Reznik-Moran
Chen Reznik-Moran


Couples Counselor & Lecturer

Strengthening relationships, healing burnout

And spreading optimism

Couples Counseling in Harish and on Zoom

If you are in the midst of a couple's crisis,

If your relationship is excellent and you want to receive tools to maintain a good partnership,

If you are dealing with the dilemmas of non-monogamy,

If you want to learn and believe in your ability to grow - I'm happy to help!

I believe in the power of the couples counseling process, and I believe in the ability of people to develop and internalize new tools. Couples counseling can change your lives.

Hey There!

I am Chen Reznik-Moran, a couples counselor, living in Harish with my husband and two kids.

How did I get into couples counseling?

I learned firsthand the intensity of a relationship burnout, which led us to a severe crisis and almost to the end of our marriage, with a signed mediation agreement and joint custody of a toddler and a baby. After a few months, we decided to return and rehabilitate the marriage, and since then we evolved and grew, building a strong relationship and a stable foundation that would also hold us during crises yet to come. When we felt stable and loving enough, we also decided to open up our marriage and live in a hierarchical polyamory, with our relationship at the forefront.

The sense of mission in light of everything I went through and realized led me to study Couples Counseling.

And what is it like today?

Today I meet couples and individuals in Harish or on Zoom, give lectures on relationships, and aspire to help others create nurturing and supportive relationships.

Chen Reznik-Moran - Couples Counselor

Hi, I'm Chen!

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